LenderLetter is compliant to loan industry standards:

      •  The platform has been vetted by numerous enterprise class mortgage industry leaders.
      • The essential elements of each pre-approval letter are completely controlled by the loan officer/Lender
                a. Including all variables contained in a pre-approval letter.
                b. Realtor access is controlled by the lender and authorization by the Buyer.
      •  Variables such as Maximum Offer Price are limited and set by the loan officer. 
      •  The site is secured by a 2048-bit SSL Certificate.
      • Numerous security features are built into the LenderLetter application to protect its integrity.
      •  Recipients of each letter may independently authenticate the letter by scanning a QR code and entering a unique number printed on the letter…this takes the recipient to a web page where a low resolution and watermarked image of the letter is revealed for verification.  No one in the industry offers such a high level of protection.
      •  No editable documents (Word® or text) are generated, prohibiting letter editing.
      •  Instant email notification to all parties (Loan Officer, Agent and Buyer) is disseminated when a new letter is created.  The email includes who created the new letter, when it was created, what items were changed along with what the new values are!
      •  No sensitive client information is stored or shared on the LenderLetter servers…no SSN’s, no Driver Licenses, and no Birth Date information is stored.  In addition, no credit or any other data is kept, other than address, phone, email and income/expense info.  Finally, no credit card info is stored on our servers.
      • All letters are date & time stamped and retained for a minimum of 7 years after lender account deactivation.

Please contact the LenderLetter support team for a demonstration of our product at: