Private Branding

Private Branding Features

  1. Your Domain Name
  2. Your Company Logo
  3. Your Email Address
  4. Your Company Color Scheme

The goal is to make the LenderLetter application your own!

Private Branding is set up after your account has been created.  It’s a manual process.  The “Branding” tab will be hidden until our staff turns this feature on.  Therefore, contact our support and we will enable private branding and work with you to configure your account for this premium feature.  It only takes about 30 minutes to turn this on.   
PLEASE NOTE: One prerequisite is that you must have full administrative access to your Internet domain’s DNS (Domain Name Services) management.  Four DNS “NS” record entries are required to successfully integrate your domain name with LenderLetter.  Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with this.  Our support staff will help with the entire process.
The following items may be customized: